AutoCAD Operator Job Description


AutoCAD operators use computer software to prepare blueprints and drawings. These are very significant in creating a whole lot of products, which include manufactured items, structures and buildings. An autoCAD operator are highly in demand clothing industries, landscaping designs, architectural firms, mechanical engineering and importantly, lighting systems for public and private buildings.

Job description

  • AutoCAD operators are normally employed by construction companies and manufacturing industries.
  • They work as architectural, civil, aeronautical, mechanical and electronic drafters.
  • Even if their work is mainly done on computers, they must have the ability to create manual drawings for specific applications.
  • They should have the ability to create designs for projects in short notice.
  • Will have to convert specifications of products from any designers into thorough CAD drawings.

AutoCAD operators also have an area of expertise, just like all the engineers, with whom they work.

Job duties

Their main duties are done on the computer and some of them are:

  • Produce specifications and drawings that have to be centered on written instructions, calculations and equations provided by engineers and designers.
  • Should use manual drafting expertise in drawing plans, which cannot be generated through the computer.
  • Has to fine tune and modify plans to suit the needs of manufacturers and architects.
  • The mechanical drafter creates guidebooks as well as manuals for machineries and tools, by illustrating the mechanical systems.
  • Civil AutoCAD drafters have to draw diagrams and maps for projects and structure in construction.
  • Architectural AutoCAD drafters create plans for foundations of structures along with layout of rooms inside buildings.


AutoCAD operators should have particular skills to get professional efficiency. Some important ones include:

  • Proficiency in advanced in AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Windows and Microstation application.
  • Have the capability to decipher construction plans.
  • Basic knowledge of algebra as well as geometry to calculate amounts and figures
  • Have the ability to visualize finished products as well as projects.
  • Have manual drawing skills along with computer drawing.
  • Should be familiar with Autodesk autoCAD, PTC Pro-engineer and PTC intralink.
  • Good knowledge of architectural terms

Work environment

AutoCAD operators work from office, generally for 8 hours and get overtime pay too. Since they have immense knowledge of computer applications, they are usually promoted as an employee in IT department of companies.


  • A Bachelor’s degree or similar degree in drafting or CAD.
  • Preference is given to candidates who have gained certification from professional drafting.
  • Should have background in manual or CAD drafting
  • Training in various CAD programs

Tips for jobs

These tips will greatly help you in establishing yourself as a skillful employee and AutoCAD operator.

  • Have strong inclination towards mathematic, especially algebra.
  • Be punctual in all your dealings and meet deadlines diligently
  • Have healthy relationship with all the other staff members from other department
  • You should have high interest in advance knowledge regarding AutoCAD
  • Be professional in dealing with clients and staff members alike.

These are some great tips to guide you along your path to career advancement.

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