Customer Service Executive Job Description


The customer service executive is the key person in the hospitality industry. They handle the customer service desk of the hotel receptions. You can find the customer service executive in hospitals, clubs, restaurants, airports and even in the retail outlets. They help the customers or visitors of hotels or hospitals. They handle the telephone and inform the patient’s family about the condition of the patient. Thus, it is a very important department of the hospitality industry.

Job Description

The customer service desk is the busiest desk of the airlines or hotel industry. The executive works with a team of customer service assistant. He looks after the hotel visitors and helps them in room reservation. He communicates with customers, and helps them whenever needed. They listens to the customer complain and solves the problem immediately. He should understand the expectation of the customer.

Job Duties

  • He should handle the reception desk.
  • He is there to communicate with the visitors and help them whenever needed.
  • He helps in room reservation in the hotel.
  • Handle the communication department of the hotel.
  • He writes and send emails to the customers
  • He arranges for airport pick up and drop
  • He takes down complain and forwards it to the respective department.
  • Prepare duty roster and manage the reception team.


  • He must have the ability to solve problems of the customer.
  • He should possess excellent communication skill.
  • He should be very good in handling devices like, telephones, fax machines, credit card machine and computers.
  • He should be a very good listener. He must understand the problem of the client.
  • Able to work with team
  • He should have soft skills.
  • He must have patience and perseverance.
  • He must have a pleasant voice.
  • He must be helpful and kind by nature.

Work Environment

The customer service desk is located inside the hotel or restaurant. The job needs working under high pressure. But the environment of the work is comfortable. You can work inside the lavish five star hotel receptions and communicate with the famous personalities of the town. It is a high profile job.


In order to work in the hospitality industry, the aspirant must have a degree in Hotel Management or in Hospitality Management. Diploma in Communication also helps. It will be an added advantage if he has a diploma in computer software. In the reception, he will handle billing and write emails. Hence, knowledge of ERP, Matrix and Outlook mails are essential.

Tips for the job

  • A person with pleasing personality and quiet nature is best for the industry.
  • Those who are willing to work with high profile clients can look for a job in Airlines or Hotel receptions.
  • A thirst for helping others in problem and solving the situation will help in the career growth.
  • Service industry is about solving problems and handling crisis situation.

Service sector is one of the highest paid industries in the market. You can work in this area and earn a living comfortably.

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