Draftsman Job Description


Draftsman is a person who is responsible for making detailed mechanical or technical drawings and also drafting legal documents. A draftsman is essentially an artist who has the ability to prepare drawings.

Job Description

The following are the job descriptions of a draftsman:

  • Establishing liaison with architects and engineers in order to understand the nature of the project.
  • Should have ability to create manual ands computer based drawings.
  • Should have the skills to create two and three dimensional drawings.
  • The draftsman should be able to create drawings according to the requirements of the client.

Job Duties of draftsman

The changing trends in the economy have created a massive requirement for draftsman particularly because of a massive growth of high rises and structures that require the sketches of draftsman. The requirements of employers and customers change with the passage of time. The following points describe the duties of a draftsman:

  • The draftsman is responsible for the visual representation of the building or the structure for the developers.
  • They have to remain touch with the architects and engineers in order to add to the value of the work or add aesthetic value to the sketches.
  • A draftsman should also incorporate changes or modifications according to the suggestions of the architect or the engineer.
  • Should have the ability to put thoughts into action as far as making drawings are concerned.
  • After the completion of the initial sketches, the draftsman should present them to the architect for appropriate implementation.


  • A draftsman should be innovative and able to comprehend the message of the developers for which the sketch is being prepared.
  • Should have knowledge of two and three dimensional drawings.
  • Should be able to listen to the demands of the employer or understanding their needs before preparing the sketches.
  • Proper use of logic and reasoning for the projects to be prepared.
  • Should understand the instructions of the employers and suggest changes or alterations that are to be included in a project along with architect and engineers.

Working environment

The job of a draftsman requires a person to work for long hours and discuss the issues of the projects with the clients while the sketches are being prepared from office. However, a draftsman may also visit the site of the structure or the building that involve long hours of outside activity.


  • A draftsman should have a degree in formal education.
  • Should have passed the certification program required for work.
  • A draftsman may also possess a degree in architecture or engineering.

Tips for jobs

  • A draftsman should have an eye for detail while preparing the sketches.
  • Should be organized while performing the duties.
  • Cooperating with engineers and or other people of the department is one of the most important aspects of this job.
  • A draftsman should be prepared to work overtime or take more challenges.
  • Should be flexible while working with others.
  • Must have the capacity ot take more stress in this job.

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