Food Attendant Job Description

A Food Attendant performs number of duties in a food service establishment such as restaurants, canteens, lounges, bars, pubs, hotels, cafes, etc. A food attendant is also called ‘busboys’ or ‘bussers’ in case of a female. The food attendant generally performs an array of duties in a restaurant ranging from cleaning to taking orders to serving the food. The role of a food attendant is a good learning opportunity for an individual who aims to build a long term career in the hospitality/food industry.

Skill Requirements

  • Excellent customer service skills and is always ready to help others.
  • Good communicator with fluency in English and few local languages.
  • Good inter-personal skills and be able to effectively liaise with co-workers, customers, chefs, and restaurant managers.
  • Calm and composed nature to deal with difficult customers.
  • Good listening skills to correctly note down orders.
  • Good housekeeping skills.
  • Be able to use kitchen appliance such as grill machines, deep fryer, soda fountain, etc.
  • Good time management skills. Be able to deliver the orders without long lead times.
  • Basic mathematical skills to accurately process bills and order payments.
  • Must have basic computer knowledge and should know how to operate a billing system and an inventory checking system.

Job Duties

  • Before the restaurant opens, make sure all the ingredients and raw materials are in stock. Also, ensure tables and chairs are properly laid out and the work area is clean.
  • Take food and beverage orders from the customers. Record the orders in the order taking system for record keeping.
  • Communicate the order to the chef or the kitchen staff. A food attendant may also be required to help in basic food/beverage preparation.
  • Serve food to the customers.
  • Pick up used plates and debris from the tables.
  • Ensure napkins, cutlery, straws etc. are made available at each table or on customers demand.
  • Clean dishes, table counters and floor space.
  • Process the bill and present it to the customers. Collect bill payment and deposit at the cash counter.
  • Take a stock of all the items once the restaurant is closed to customers.
  • Ensure the entire restaurant is cleaned before leaving.
  • Monitor the junior level staff and provide them with necessary training.

Work Conditions

  • Will have to work in restaurants, bars, pubs, canteens, lounges, hotels, cafes, fast food chains, or any food service organization.
  • The candidate may be required to work in shifts and also work on weekends & holidays.
  • Work involves being on feet throughout the shift timings.
  • Work may also involve doing home delivery of food within the locality.

Educational Requirements

  • Undergraduate or graduate in any field.
  • Post-graduation not required.
  • Candidates who have completed any course related to the food service industry, hospitality or culinary skills will be preferred.
  • Candidates with prior work experience as a food attendant will be preferred.

Tips for Job

  • Serve the customer with a smile.
  • Assist customers in deciding their orders.
  • Thank the customer for visiting the restaurant and on receiving a tip.
  • Customer service is a key to succeed in the hospitality industry. Ensure each and every customer has a pleasant experience at the restaurant.



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