Guest Relation Officer Job Description


The most important objective of a guest relations manager is to make clients feel at home and guarantee their contentment. Guest relations managers may be working in an assortment of setting for instance in fashionable hotels, on travel ships or for big chain stores or restaurants. In spite of of their employment situation, a guest relations manager involves to work well with people be capable to handle tense circumstances and keep up a positive mind-set.

Job Description


A hotel guest relations officer (GRO) is in the front position of client service. He/she is one of the primary hotel personnel to welcome guests as they turn up. The GRO furnishes hotel clients with above-and-beyond service to guarantee their incident will deserve to be remembered. The spot assures that visitors are pleased from the instant they tread into the hotel till they leave. At times, he/she extends to offer better customer service subsequent to the guests departure.

Skill Requirement
Qualifications required for a GRO may differ by service setting. For instance, guest relations executive in a hotel might be compulsory to have a bachelor’s degree in addition to previous hospitality experience functioning as hotels abut desk and customer service. Apart from education and prior work experience, there are a lot of personal dimensions employers may look for in a guest relations manager.


Job Duties

For guest relations officers who work in the welcome industry, for instance in a hotel, their tasks include welcoming guests, checking them in the hotel, furnishing information on hotel conveniences, expecting and reacting to their requirements, listening to and resolving complaints and rendering exceptional customer service all through their stay. This spot may also help out with actions such as book tickets, make reservations and arrange travel and tours. In a nutshell, it is this person’s duty to sponsor a helpful image of the hotel and guarantee guest contentment.

Working Conditions of the Job

Guest relations officers in the welcome industry are frequently extremely noticeable, communicating with guests in the entrance hall or on a travel ship. Per se, they may be on the move and always walking around during the day. Guest relations officers for stores or restaurants may as well communicate with customers, but spend more time in the place of work examining data and increasing quality upgrading strategies.


Job Tips

  • When working as a GRO, your manner and attitude are vital in mirroring the specialized image of the hotel which entails capability and professionalism.
  • Excellent posture should all the time be preserved.
  • Stand straight with hand down.
  • Be polite, use words like “May I help you?” and end discussion with a “Thank you”.
  • Keep a visual communication and be certain that you provide your entire concentration to the guests.
  • Work related problems when talked about should be made in a specialized manner and tone in the guest’s presence.
  • Should forever look up and smile readily.
  • Idle chat among staff in the company of guests should on no account be approved.

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