Hotel Maintenance Job Description


Hotels are a service driven industry. Proving best of service is the key to success for any hotel. Maintenance and cleanliness plays an important part in service provided by any hotel which is done by Hotel maintenance employees.

Job Description

A hotel maintenance person has to perform various tasks like general maintenance, preventive and emergency maintenance of the hotel. There are various kinds of maintenance employees deployed for different kind types of maintenance and repairs work. Generally, hotel maintenance is done in restaurants, front desk, rooms, parking, lobbies, restrooms and elevators of a hotel.
Skill Requirements

Skills required by hotel maintenance personnel are as follows:

  • Operational skills: High amount operational skills are required to know all types of maintenance jobs like repairing, working of equipments, engineering work etc.
  • Customer service skills: Hotel maintenance is all about providing high amount of quality to its customers.
  • Interpersonal skills: A hotel maintenance person should have good interpersonal skills as he/she deals with superiors, collogues and different kinds of customers.
  • Management skills: Few maintenance persons also have to perform job of a supervisor or a manger thus requiring management skills.
  • Scheduling and planning skills: A maintenance person has to perform a number of jobs at a time thus planning and scheduling is a must.

Job Duties

Main task of a hotel maintenance manager is to perform general, preventive and emergency maintenance. Detailed lists of duties are as follows:

  • Must perform task like repairing of various equipments and materials, replacement of electronics, painting, cleaning or wiring work
  • Also maintenance of electronics like refrigerators, television sets, air conditioners etc must be done regularly.
  • Solving guest complains in time.
  • To keep a check that safety equipments like fire alarm, fire extinguisher etc are in place and are in working condition.
  • Refurbishing of chairs, tables, doors, windows and counters in order to keep it maintained for a long time.
  • Ground maintenance like cleaning and maintenance of parking lot, garden or landscaping, swimming pool etc.
  • Must be on call 24/7 for emergency to know if guest have any grievances.
  • Training the junior staff.

Work Condition/s

Hotel maintenance is a full time job working in hotel premises on shift bases. Working for extra hours may be required in case staff of other shifts is not present. Usually each person is allotted with specific duties in maintenance area but sometimes a different role in maintenance may be allotted in case of emergency. Many of the hotel maintenance staff receives extra benefits from its employer like medical, tour package for vacation and retirement benefits.

Educational Requirements

A high degree of qualification is not required to get into this field. Hotel maintenance person must have a degree or diploma in hotel maintenance and repairs. An experience in this field will help in getting higher level of jobs. Knowledge and skills are required in field of electronics, mechanics, repairing, plumber tasks, safety needs and carpentry. Most of the work is learnt by on job training.

Tips for the Job

  • Work on your body and muscles to grow physically fit.
  • Never miss a call; an emergency could be around the corner.


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