Hotel Receptionist Job Description


Being the only person to be interacting with the guests, a hotel receptionist has a huge role to play. You can also say that their behavior might be bringing the customers back again and again to the same hotel. Thus their similes and pleasure greeting is very important for welcoming the guests. The job is primarily checking in the guests with a friendly appeal, supplying them with the requisite room keys, guiding them to their rooms, assistance while checking out and make sure the payments are fulfilled.


Since the job is performed in the front office at the entrance therefore there is not much traveling involved. In fact their attire is considered to be the most important part of the company’s profile. It is often said to be reflecting the company’s belief. There are many responsibilities affixed to this position though no special qualification is required to get hired as a hotel receptionist.


A hotel receptionist has to perform

  • Customer service should be active for 24 hours
  • A courteous attitude is to be maintained while maintaining the entries
  • Attend the calls for the hotel customers who are in need
  • Keep the reception counter clean
  • Satisfy the requests that the guests make for their comfort and ease
  • Supply the reports to the house keeping or the management
  • Must be quick in response when emergency evacuation is required
  • Deal the maintenance trifles with the line manager instantly
  • Update oneself with the hotel pricing and other facilities while informing the incoming guests
  • Looks after the reservations as well as cancellations
  • Takes part at the team meetings
  • Conducts the information provided by the management team
  • Maintain the policies affixed by the company
  • Enhance the knowledge with the in-house training
  • Reporting of the security concerns and inform others in case of any trifles


  • Excellent communicating skills are obviously must for any hotel receptionist.
  • One must be able to speak in a cordial manner and understand the precise needs of the customers.
  • One should also have a patience mind to resolve the trifles while dealing the customers.
  • For maintaining the record of the guests checking in or out, computing skills are a must.


A high school diploma is the minimum qualification but it is the behavior that matters most for the post of the hotel receptionist.

Work condition

There is no prolonged working hours. Working at the front office has the only job of welcoming the guests in the friendliest style. But if the customers are not satisfied with any of the features then it is the responsibility of the hotel receptionist to grab their attention and make a long stay at the hotel premises. Record maintenance of those entries is a must as it is required during the clearance of payments.

Tips for the job

  • Must have a friendly attitude
  • Efficient at customer attending
  • Retain the attention of new customers

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