Kitchen Helper Job Description


There are various tasks and duties which have to be performed by a kitchen helper, They have to participate in all the daily functions of the catering service under the supervision of the chef or the supervisor. They also have to maintain and keep the kitchen clean and help the serving staff whenever required.

Job description

  • The working condition of kitchen helpers do vary according to the company you are working for. However, the working conditions are quite unfavorable, as the atmosphere will be very warm and you may be needed to lift heavy equipment from time to time.
  • The kitchen helper has to offer effective hygiene service
  • Promote sales in the unit
  • Attain customer satisfaction

Job duties

A kitchen helper has to understand and uphold an attitude of privacy, independence, dignity, rights, along with catering to the wishes of customers and treating them and everyone respectfully

  • There are a few general duties which have to be fulfilled by the kitchen helper, like keeping the floor clean by mopping periodically, sanitize all areas of the kitchen after cleaning, wash dishes, help the kitchen staff and help in food preparation
  • Prepare basic beverages and foods, including snacks and vegetables
  • Prepare simple foods when the chef requires
  • Transfer and serve meal
  • Participate in programs like quality assurance systems and in training programs
  • Attend staff meetings

They have to abide by the regulations and principle of the catering unit and be responsible for safety and health issues.


Although, most kitchen helpers develop skill on their job, they should have some essential skills like:

  • Having basic cooking skills
  • Have the urge to specialize in cooking
  • Have a cheerful personality and can work hard
  • Maintain good relationship with everyone
  • Follow personal and kitchen hygiene
  • Know all about kitchen equipment

Work environment

Commonly, the work environment of a kitchen helper is a busy one, where it will be hot most of the times. Their job involves working in kitchens and sometimes in serving customers during busy times or in any emergency. They may have to work outdoors, while unloading supplies and storing them.

This is the general working environment that kitchen helpers have to get used to and work hard in.


  • Kitchen helpers should have fundamental knowledge in food preparation
  • Have experience of working for any kind of catering business
  • Experience of operating a till
  • Even though educational requirements are not important, a high school diploma may come in handy

Tips for job

Kitchen helpers can make themselves invaluable to their employer and make a good position in the organization by following some tips like this.

  • Have the stamina and interest in working hard
  • Have a cheerful and accommodating nature
  • Eagerness to learn new cooking recipes
  • The ability to work well with the team in the kitchen
  • Follow personal hygiene and also keep the surrounding clean at all times

Job opportunities for kitchen helpers are set to peak by 2014, as food industries are making great strides. Some basic food handling and cleaning skills are all that is needed to get this kind of a job.

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