Logistic Officer Job Description


The main job of this profile is to keep a track of the material that are either being shipped, or being received. He has to maintain an accurate data of the whole process, so that there are no confusions later on. They may have to negotiate with the transport company regarding the freight charges. They have to keep a track of all the material under transport.

Job Description

The main works related with this job are as described below:

  • They are experts in the products that their company makes.
  • They know well how a particular product needs to be stocked.
  • They know how to pack their products during the transport, so that they are not damaged.
  • They have to use many machines for organizing the packed materials properly and making space for the new stock.
  • They have to look after the maintenance of the warehouse.

Job Duties

The main duties related to this job are as described below:

  • They have to plan the exact method of how the products will be transferred from one place to another, and stored properly in the shelf.
  • They have to provide the technical knowledge to the field officers.
  • They should be able to implement the best practices.
  • They review the existing logistics method, and suggest any betterment that is required.
  • If there are any changes being made to the logistic management, then he has to see that the whole process is following the guidelines as now have been proposed.
  • They have to deal with the designing, and implementation, of all the contracts that are required for the management of the warehousing system.
  • He has to keep in mind the benefits of company, while dealing with the contractors.
  • He has to develop methods of tracking the commodities available in the warehouse.
  • He has to follow the audit observations, to improve the stocking procedures.
  • He has to timely inform the management regarding the dispatch or requirement of a particular product.


The important skills required for this job are as described below:

  • They should be able to conceptualize a particular idea, and should be able to execute the ideas into the system.
  • They should have effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • They should safely keep the resources of the company in his custody.
  • He should have good negotiation skills.
  • They should be able to train other personnel.
  • They should be able to use the computer effectively, to keep a stock of all the material.
  • They should be a team player, and should be able to work as a team.

Work environment

The working conditions of these professionals are as follows:

  • They mainly work in the warehouse of the company.
  • They mainly work in coordination with the transport company, so they do not have any fixed work hours.
  • They may have to work on weekends, if there is dispatch of products to be done on those days.


The essential qualifications required for this job are as follows:

  • They should have a degree in material management or business administration.
  • Knowledge of computer is a must.
  • Having experience of a few years is desirable.

Tips for Jobs

The candidates who want to take up this job should keep the following tips in mind:

  • They should be able to maintain a proper stock of the materials.
  • They should be able to negotiate with the freight carriers for the best deals.


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