MIS Executive Job Description


Management Information Systems (MIS) Executives are indispensable in today’s businesses. Computer systems must run efficiently at all times. As most business operations depend on computer systems, they should be always in excellent working condition.

MIS encompasses three main fields: technology, people and data.

Skill Requirements

An MIS Executive needs to have excellent knowledge of MS Excel and Access. He may also need to make reports on MySql. Hence, it is very necessary for him to be computer savvy and have knowledge of the basic software essential for his field.


He must be ready to update his skills and knowledge.

Furthermore, he should have exceptional communication skills, since he has to meet the management and other departments quite often. He needs to maintain a good rapport with them.

Job Duties

An MIS Executive has a varied job profile. He supervises the information technology resources for his business. He manages other MIS staff and delegates tasks to them accordingly.

He looks after the security and availability of data services and measures the performance of computing systems and installs upgrades whenever necessary.

He must maintain these information systems within the pre-determined IT budget.

He needs to create and maintain reports that allow the company to get information on daily business activities. He also analyzes company performance details quarterly and half yearly. He meets the management on a weekly basis to ensure that uniform information is available across the company.

He has to keep records and information about deals with clients.

He also has to analyze the actual sales versus the projected ones for each department. He has to report about the improvements in quality due to any proposals.

He also needs to analyze data to project market trends.

All this information gives the company information of their strengths and weaknesses and in which areas progress can be made.

Working Conditions

An MIS Executive works in a comfortable office environment. His job is mainly sedentary. Normally, he works regular hours, but he may need to put in extra hours in case of any contingencies.

However, the job requires working on the computers constantly, which may lead to eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches and other such computer-related ailments.

Educational Requirements

The minimum requirement to be eligible for the post of MIS Executive is a Bachelor’s Degree in a computer-related study. However, candidates with an MBA are highly preferred. A relevant work experience would also be an added advantage.

Tips for the Job

An MIS Executive has to keep interacting with other departments and with the senior management. For this, he needs to have good inter-personal skills and a pleasing personality.

He has to work with a number of software and applications, so he has to be on the lookout to update his knowledge.

Although he works in a sedentary environment, he needs to be wary of developing any problems due to working on a computer for a long time.

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