MIS Manager Job Description


Management Information system can be termed as the accumulation of resources and relevant actions contiguous to that of data storage, collection and transmission to utilize it for making decisions to meet the sole objective of the business enterprise. With the advent of computers, the paper work has reduced and the improved the decision making process. A MIS manager hence is a manager of computer and information systems. They should be friendly with the skills of a computer and can manage the people who use them. Experience as universally plays a key role but a four-year degree in the field of computers is preferred. Though high wages boosts the entry but be ready for long hours.

MIS Manager Job Description

Managing a team of professionals’, calls for people management skills and being a good team player. One should be flexible in dealing with a varied range of tasks and with one’s own initiative. Ability to manage more than one project with optimum accuracy and detailed attention will be appreciated.

Skill Requirements

A minimum set of expertise is required to be suitable for the position.

  • The person should be tech-savvy and fluent with the use of computers.
  • Should possess team building skills and tactful to utilize the human resources to the fullest.
  • One must have excellent communication skills not only to handle the team but also to liaise with the auditors.
  • The person should be strategic at work to fulfill the requirements in a given deadline.
  • Last but not the least; the person should be ready to dedicate long and flexible hours of work.

Job Duties

Job duties will definitely vary from an enterprise to another, but some wanted characteristics remain the same throughout.

  • Overseeing an information systems department, this may comprise of network management, network security and the software development.
  • Planning of computer related work and new technologies to simplify the job processes and satisfies the end user.
  • Managing and planning large IT projects which may have team members from outside vendors and employees from different departments of the organization.
  • Assisting the end-users with the system and software functionality of a company’s software system and related technical issues can also be a part of the job.
  • Training various employees to be confident with various computer applications usage is another responsibility.

Other responsibilities might include the conversion of paper records to the electronic form onto the information system.

Work Conditions

Long hours are a common factor for MIS managers especially with the constant trial and error strategy that is necessary.

  • Usually a clean and comfortable air-conditioned seating facility is provided with computers, spare parts and software are just in one arms’ distance.
  • Pressure may be present due to goals, short deadlines and slimmer budgets. However, one should look out for unpredicted technical failures.

Educational Requirements

  • A technical degree usually suffices but to aid in advancement, a four-year bachelors’ or graduate degree in computer sciences is often preferred.
  • An alternative track could be an MBA in a computer science turf. MIS programs usually are a part of the curriculum in most business schools, so finance and marketing could be a part of the curriculum.

Tips for the Job

  • Upgrade yourself with the recent technology.
  • Involve in computer designs as that might foresee you to the fastest job growth.
  • Learn to coordinate the installation and troubleshoot new systems.

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