Office Support Job Description


An office support employee holds the responsible work of providing clerical, secretarial as well as administrative support to the firm. The work also consists of assisting administrative team if any problems arise and resolving issues after identifying them.

Job description

  • Solving issues related to clients through telephone or email.
  • This job entails constituting email services or servers for the purpose of handling client issues.
  • Assist in all kind of jobs at the office
  • Should work efficiently under management
  • Have knowledge of all office tools
  • Have total knowledge of the firm they work in

These are some of the leading jobs that are required to be fulfilled by office support employee. Their main aim is to run the office smoothly.

Job duties

The office support staff has to be efficient in doing many office jobs. The leading ones are as follows:

  • Maintaining several records, as well as reports
  • Keeping an eye on all the actions in the department
  • Providing assistance to staff or clients over the phone
  • Offering support services
  • Creating healthy working relationship with clients and staff
  • Management of different logs as well as monthly reports
  • Assessing the work of the department
  • Multitasking jobs at the same time
  • Follow guidelines set by the department in handling faults


Basic and inherent skills are necessary to make progress in one’s job and keep the management satisfied with your labor. Some of the main ones are:

  • Excellent communication skills in writing and verbal
  • Good team spirit and able to work well with them
  • Follow guidelines efficiently
  • Excellent customer service talent
  • Meet deadlines successfully
  • Multi tasking capabilities
  • Efficient in documentation procedures
  • Is capable of working under pressure to meet deadlines

Work environment

Office support, as the name suggests, is the job done within the company. Depending on the company that an office support staff works in, it may involve a very busy schedule or it may be one with normal routine office work. The main job is to assist all the other workers in the company whenever needed.

Whichever kind of company, an office support staff is working in, it is important to adhere to company regulations at all time.


  • A beginner in office support job may be required to have one year certification in management or in administration from any college
  • 3-6 months experience or training is necessary
  • Training to enhance communication skill is valued by employers
  • Should have a good personality

Tips for jobs

Given below are some practical tips to help you in your career.

  • Take initiative in solving office problems within guidelines
  • Create good rapport with client and all the other staff
  • Be professional and punctual in all dealings in the office
  • Follow instructions meticulously
  • Perform duties in a pleasant and enthusiastic manner

These tips go a long way in making you indispensible among your staff in the office.

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