Professor Job Description


A professor is an academic teacher; the exact meaning of the word changes by country. Factually, professor derived from Latin means that a person who concedes being more often than not an expert in arts or sciences, a tutor of high ranked.

Job Description

Full-time, advanced college professors must have doctoral degrees – Ph.D.s. They oversee graduate students, carry out research, write school books, give lectures and tutor from 3 to 16 hours per week. For a person who loves communicating information and carrying on research in a selected field, this can be a delusion job. On the other hand, the contest is more and fiercer these days for declining numbers of those positions.

 Skill Requirement

  • Must be an outwardly recognized, most important power in the subject area with a substantial national or international standing
  • To have an in-depth thoughtful specialist to facilitate the growth of new information, innovation and understanding within the field
  • Must possess a comprehensive understanding of institutional supervision systems and the broader higher education environ.
  • The capability to carry out a high quality study in a picky specialism
  • An established ability to draw financial support from the Research Councils and other source
  • Efficient teaching plan and delivery
  • Negotiation skills

Job Duties

  • A professor has to supervise, the design and growth of the overall curriculum, and expand and deliver a variety of programs of study, at times for wholly new courses, at different levels.
  • A professor has to enlarge the quality assurance structure within the College’s in general structure, including the legalization and revalidation of courses, and student admittance and evaluation.

Working Conditions of the Job

Professors who work with undergraduate students may have to take up classes for more than 200 students. In these very big classes, there may be very slight personal communication between the students and the professor. On the other hand, professors also may tutor senior undergraduate   and graduate level classes that hardly ever go beyond 20 students in size and frequently are seminars or tutorials.

Job Tips

  • You have to decide if your dream is to teach throughout your life. A tenured professor has to spend more time on study-related work than on real teaching. But permanent teachers at two-year college work hours teaching and preparing for classes, and those positions often need only a master’s degree.
  • Confirm with universities and 4-year colleges regarding their policies for employing teachers with master’s degrees for some part-time or provisional positions.
  • Consider getting a higher degree in a field that calls for more full-time professors, for instance business, health science, engineering, or computer science. These fields can in addition tender job security in the private segment if you are incapable to locate a university teaching job.
  • Recognize that there is violent opposition among teachers who want to become full-time, tenured university professors. Focus on doing only outstanding work all the way through your undergraduate and graduate years if you desire to stand out.

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