QC Inspector Job Description


Every reputed company is resolved to achieve the customer satisfaction regarding their product or service. For this purpose, they hire quality control inspector in these organizations. Quality control inspector examines the product and process of a company to acquire the required quality standards.

Job Description

Quality control inspector monitors, tests and inspects all processes involved in the production of a product and product itself. He has to ensure the quality standards are met by every component of the product or service provided by a company.

Job Duties

 The key responsibilities of QC Inspector are as follow:

  • It is the duty of QC inspector to monitor the development of all products manufactured by the company.
  • QC inspector is responsible for acquiring the quality in the product and services of his company.
  • The main job of QC inspector remains same in all industries however, methods to determine the quality of a product varies from company to company. In case of some material products, QC inspector has to verify the quality of a product with the help of parameters like weight, texture and other physical properties of the company. In mechanical industry, the QC inspector ensures the quality of every part individually. Likewise, for every industry these methods vary from product to product.
  • QC inspector monitors every process involved in the production of a product.
  • It is also the responsibility of QC inspector to ensure the quality of purchased goods as well as finished goods.
  • He should recommend the reprocessing of the low quality products.
  • He is also responsible for the documentation of inspection and tests conducted on products of a company.
  • QC inspector should ensure the product of a company meet quality standards such ISO 9001, ISO 9002 etc.
  • He should maintain the checklist of inspection processes and protocols used within a company.
  • QC inspector is also the responsible to identify the problems and issues regarding quality of the products and also has to make recommendation to the higher authorities.
  • He has to make analysis of the device history records and previous documentation of a product for future reference.


QC inspector should be well acknowledged with the different methods for quality insurance used in the industry. His skills should be based on the visual inspection of a product along with the test based quality insurance. He should have professional approach regarding the quality assurance methods and capable of using sophisticated tools for this purpose.  QC inspector should also possess skills of the professional documentation for the process of quality assurance.

Work Environment

Quality is desired in every product nowadays. Therefore, QC inspectors are required in every field like construction, agriculture, consumer goods, medical equipment, technical good, transportation and various other services. QC inspector has to work in coordination with other departments like production, manufacturing, packing and suppliers.


 The important qualification required for the QC inspector is high school diploma or above. He should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. He should be good in arithmetic calculation and possess mechanical aptitude when required. Experience of more than 2 years is usually required for the QC inspector in required field. Awareness to the computers and utilities is also mandatory for the Qc Inspector.

Tips for the job

 With the help of certification and training program offered by the international organization like American Society for Quality can help to acquire the job as QC Inspector more conveniently. It is also recommended to have working knowledge of other departments of a company and its rules and regulations that can help to maintain quality standards in a more effective manner.

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